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BBL is a  computer- based enterprise  with resolute commitment  to provide best  solution to computer  &  Network  Users. Our dedicated efforts have enabled us to achieve OEM Products, Sole Distributor & Authorized Reseller status in Pakistan various brands.

BBL  Offers  customers  a  broad  range of products such as Wireless  /  Wan  /  Lan Products; Lan Cards  /  Adapters, PCMCIA, SOHO  /  Smart  / Intelligent  /  Web Management  /  SWITCHs & HUBs,  Module,  ISDN  /   xDSL  /   Broadband  Router,  Bridge,  Remote  Node  /  Internet Sharing Server, Parallel  /  USB Print Servers, Media Converters, &  Single  /  Multi Mode  Fiber-Optic  Devices,  Changers  &  Accessories;  Twisted  Pairs / Fiber-Optic  Cables,  Pigtail  /  Patch  /  Drop Cords,  Face Plates Outlets,   Patch Panels  /  Accessories,  Connectors,  Plugs,  Testers & Tools; Tele-communication Accessories; Communication Hub / Switches / Server/Racks /Cabinets, Cable Management / Accessories;  Fiber-Optic  Patch Panels /  LIU  /  ODF / Splice Closure / Pigtail / Drop Cords, Couplers, Connectors, Changers; Multi PC Controller / KVM Switches, KVM Drawers, Monitor Splitters, Extenders, Cables, Y Cables & Changers; Biometric Finger  print  /  Barcode  /  Magnetic  /  RFID  Time  Management  /  Access  Control  / Attendance,  Guard Scanners  &  Data Collection Devices  &   Accessories;  Point   of   Sales  Devices,   Scanners,   Price  Checker,  Cash  Drawers,  Customer   Display,    Barcode Label   /   Receipt   Printers,   Programmable   Keyboards  &  Accessories;    Intelligent  Long   Backup  UPS + AVR ; Stabilizers;                                                                                                                                                                              You name it, we have it !

Innovative products to support your customers and capture New opportunities. Investing in the Right infrastructure Today Will Pay Off in the Long Run.

BBL provides superior technology, quality, reliability, power and profit. Continuously expanding & modernizing the products range & specifications We expect to shore our bright future with you company.

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